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74th Independence Day | India moving ahead – Let’s Celebrate by being Responsible

Indian Flag
Indian Flag.

15th August, 1947, India got Independece from the British rule and every year we celebrate the sacrifices, struggles, grit and passion of our freedom fighters without whom i will not be able to sit in my computer and dedicated this post.

Indians are very passionate about our country and our frontline soldiers, that’s why India has the largest volunteers who are passionate about joining the army and serve this nation.

The common citizens are as much passionate as everyone else.

Right from childhood every indian student has given a speech on our Independence day and Republic day to dedicated our emotion and passion for this country.

This Year we dedicate our thought and emotion to our Corona Warriors.

This Year, PM Modi also applauded the grit and resilience of the country’s frontline workers in fight against Covid-19, which has killed thousands in the country. He also stressed on the need to become self-reliant.

Now the future India will be self-reliant (Atmnirbhar).

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