A change in mindset can be a start to fresh life.

We perceive things the way our mind is set, you may be a person who says, “Not today” or “Maybe tomorrow ” or “definitely tomorrow “.

Rubik's cube
You have to learn to match the dots.

“Knowing yourself is to be rooted in being, instead of lost in your mind”

~ Eckhart Tolle

I am just giving an example, see you have heard of law of attraction and what you think will become reality etc.

We are not arguing about whether it’s true or not, I’m saying that whatever you put your mind into, some result may come that may ir may not be as you predicted but hey you did your best and you got a result.

See yourself, how many of us can simply sit for 5 minutes without our mind churning thoughts uncontrollably?

You will realize how well you do.

We want Success, in life, in work, even when we throw something in trash can we want it to go straight in, my point is expecting success is natural, but the result depend upon our competence.


That’s the ultimate factor to your success in life is how competent you are to perform in accordance to the situation your in.

That’s why, physically we do exercise, mentally we try to remember everything required.

But the point is we all are in wanting of success are upping our activity, but not our competence.

A stable mind and an agile body should be a basic foundation upon which you can lay your successful infrastructure.

But really how many of us first go for establishing our foundation?

How many of us first learn how to handle our thought process and how to keep the body in ease throughout the day regardless of our activities?

Think on it?

How come without upgrading our Machine can we hope to achieve the level of success that we all dream of and try to work hard on?

All I am saying is that have you look at your life this way?

Think about it.

Enjoy your life.

Thank you.

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