A Simple Process to Increase Our Attention.

“If you really pay attention to life, life will blossom within you. If you do not pay attention, you are somewhere else, and then life could go wrong.”

– Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.
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Attention is a quality.

If you pay enough attention, everything door can be opened and every possibility can be explored.

Anything that we do we want to be successful in it, to do that we need to perform in accordance to the rule of the game.

How well we do simply depends upon our competence.

To be competent first you need to pay attention and learn the methods and techniques.

When you are performing action with your competence, you need to pay attention to execute.

Even after all this stuff to fulfill your ambitions, definitely to live life responsibly you need to pay attention.

“Attention not only of our mind as we know, but we can transform our being in such a way that attention becomes a certain quality within us rather than a daily attempt in which sometimes we fail sometime we succeed”.

That’s one way to approach.

We can approach life in trial and Success mode or we can first establish ourselves and than act. This choice should be absolutely clear at the beginning of our lives.

In establishing ourselves, we became competent and balanced within and only than success can neither cloud your nor failure can scare you.

You become playful in your actions, intense but relax, absolutely involved but untouched by the process.

That’s the true meaning of being human.

The Process one can start with

At the level of our mind, we can use this simple method of pay attention to a certain object.

I’m not gonna lecture you on the benefits nor please you to do it.

You should try and experience, if it is benifical – continue.

Every morning, when we have most energy in our system, Use this method for 30 seconds.

Well we need something to pay attention to right?

Use a cardboard, paper or whatever you can do, create a black circle not very big, not like a point, which you can see from the distance from the place where you will practice everyday.

Sit in a crossed legged position, straight spine, in ground if you can.

At your eye level pay attention to the black circle within the white background.

Breath in and out with the clock ticking, counting to 30 seconds in mind.

That’s it, do it everyday, it just takes 30 seconds of your life everyday to set the tone for your mind to be ready and to make it natural to pay attention.

Continue for 21 days, without break, then see if anything you can notice within yourself.

And that’s it. I am not gonna give benefits of it to lure you to do it, you have to be willing in the first place.

The very fact that you are willing to do it for 21 days, transforms you life.

Thank you for reading this post.

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