Chapter – 2 |Introduction to Security

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So right now you know about what is Hacking and who is a hacker and what they are after.

In this chapter we will learn about Security – What is it?, Why is it?, and we will learn about Vulnerability / Threat.

Let’s start………….

Take Adequate Security Measures.

Vulnerability : –

Look at the picture above, who do you think in the above image is more vulnerable to accident.

Ofcourse the one without any helmet.

He has left himself exposed by not taking adequate measures.

This is an example of vulnerability.

In computer systems, vulnerability is a flaw within the system.

This flaw leaves it exposed and prone to cyber attacks.

Threat : –

Threat refers to anything which can cause harm to a system.

For example a drnk driver in a road driving is a threat to everyone else.

Vulnerability vs Threat

Both Vulnerability and Threat is a potential to harm a system. However a Vulnerability is something which is in the hands of the creator of the system, he can figure it out and fix it. One the other hand a threat is a possibility that might or might not happen and which is not in our hands.

Type of threats : –

A threat can be either man made or natural disaster.

Environmental threats are nothing but fierce weather and natural disasters.

Ex – A data center, with houge amount of servers, located in the ground floor is threatened by flooding.

Man made threat is damage to a system caused by a person with different motives.

The person can be a mole within the company or a spy from outside. Distinguished as internal threat and external threat.

There are more chances of internal threat happening because the person has access to the infrastructure and the systems already.

This is why every employee of all organizations are must to follow stringent set of rules and regulations to deter any such threat from happening within the organization.

External threats attack where there is less security measures and no surveillance around.

That’s why every employee have to have a gate pass in order to enter.

Data Security is Critical

You should not leave your workplace without logging off or you should not leave your system without any passwords protection otherwise sensetive data can be compromised.

This type of flaw can be easily cure by taking adequate measures.

These measures are required to secure data

So we hope you figured out the importance of Security and Vulnerabilities it can avoid to stop threats from succeeding.

This is the end of chapter 2 if you have any doubts please feel free to CONTACT me through email.

Thank you for reading


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