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Previously On Hacking Course

Previously We Have Known That Hackers Are People Who Gain Illegitimate Access To A System Using Their Technical Skills Therefore According To Their Motivations They Can Exploit Secure Data And Can Send Message If Want.

They Exploit The Vulnerabilities For Their Own Benifits.

We Learned About The Motivation Behind A Hacker.

We Learned About Political Motivations And The Term Hacktivism And Hacktivists.

A Brief on Cyber Terrorism.

We Learned About Economical Motivation And The Term Cyber Espionage.

We Learned About Personal Motivation And The Term Cyber Stalking.

There Are Three Types of Hackers

  1. Black Hat Hacker
  2. White Hat Hacker
  3. Grey Hat Hacker

1. Black Hat Hacker

they don’t usually wear this type.

What Are They?

Black Hat Refers To A Hacker Who Breaks Into A Computer System Or Network With Malicious Intent. A Black Hat Hacker May Exploit Security Vulnerabilities For Monetary Gain To Steal Or Destroy Private Data Or To Alter, Disrupt Or Shut Down Websites And Networks, The Black Hat Hacker May Also Sell These Exploits To Other Criminal Organizations.

What They Do?

Black Hat Hackers Are The Stereotypical Illegal Hacking Groups Often Portrayed In Popular Culture, And Are “The Epitome Of All That The Public Fears In A Computer Criminal”.

They Break Into Secure Networks To Destroy, Modify, Or Steal Data, Or To Make The Networks Unusable For Authorized Network Users.

Black Hat Hackers Are Able To Earn A Bounty In Forms Of Ransom Or Fame, By Doing So, It Seems That They Are Completely Against The System.

There Type Of Hackers Are Mostly Involved In Cyber Espionage.

They Enter Illegally Into Systems, Steal Data and Reportedly Sell the Same for an Hefty Amount.

They Wear Black Because In Some Cultures Black Color Is Considered As Evil, Hence The Black Hat Terminology For This Type Of Hacker.

2. white hat hacker

they don’t usually wear this type.

White is normally associated with something good. hence, all the angels are shown wearing a white robe.

white hat hacker category seems interesting because how can a person be good and be a hacker as well because hackers are always portrayed as evil and enemy of society.

interesting isn’t it?

let’s see.

white hat hackers are people who are employed by the system itself. they are given all the rights by the owners of a system to bring it down.

this way, the owners understand the weaknesses of thier system and can improve on it.

white hat hackers uses their skillks to bring down a system and provide the information to the owners so the system can be improved.

A important trait is that white hat Hackers never uses their skills for malicious purposes.

Every weaknesses and loopholes are constantly reported back.

They are called security specialist that are employed by companies.

They earn big amount through every flaw detection.

Search on google about “Google Security princes” and you will learn more about white hat Hackers.

3. Grey Hat Hackers

They don’t usually wear this.

Not everything in this world is black and white.

Grey hat Hackers are somewhere between these two type of hackers.

Let me explain….

A hacker can exhibit the trait of both white and black hat wearers.

A white hat hacker who identify a flaw in the system uses it against the system is a grey hat hacker

Grey hat Hackers find flaw within the system without telling the owner and then he or she asks bounty for their findings. If it available they make this public.

Ethically grey hat hacker is at fault, that’s why they are also portrayed as evil in the society.

Ex : – Max Ray Butler worked as a computer security consultant. In 1998 max installed a malicious code while fixing a security hole in American Federal Websites. This allow him to gain illegitimate access to confidential information. Max was sentenced prison for what he had done.

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