Chapter – 6 | What is Malware?

Ladies and gentlemen now it’s time to understand the very essence of Hacking in Computer Systems. Are you ready?, ofcourse you are

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Malicious piece of code.

1. What is Malware?

Malware is a piece of computer code, the sub-text “Mal” refers to malicious.

In my previous post we learned about Virus, yeah it’s a type of malware as there are different types of which we will learn here .^,^.

Use of malware : –

Display unwanted ads.

Gather sensitive information from a disk/drive.

Access private computer systems.

Disrupt normal work flow of a computer system.

The most common malware that you may have visited is normally browser based malware.

An unknown and irrelevant ad the pops up now and then in our mobile screens.

Sounds familiar?

That’s a type of malware.

Not all malware are disastrous, some would just annoy with a popup every now and then.

Others can be a bit dangerous where they delete all the existing files on a system.

2. Classification of Malware : –


A malware can be classified as User Mode Malware or Kernel Mode Malware.

Before we go any further let’s understand more about Kernel.

“KERNEL” is the heart of an operating system.

This term is popular among, you know the community.

Understanding Kernel

Kernel Function.

A kernel is the central part of an operating system. It manages the operations of the computer and the hardware. Most notably memory and CPU time.

Each process in an OS functions at a certain privilege level.

What we see on our screens is the outermost layer, which has the least privileges.

Kernel sits inside the innermost ring and has highest privilege.

The rings in between are drivers of a particular application.

Their job is nothing but to pass messages from Kernel ring to the user mode ring.

Types of Kernel : –

  1. Micro Kernel
  2. Monolithic Kernel
  3. Hybrid Kernel
  4. Exo Kernel
  5. Nano Kernel

A computer user never interacts directly with a kernel. It runs behind the scenes and cannot be seen, except for the text log that it prints.

Kernels is not really our topic, we will learn this later, meanwhile you get the picture right?

Now, coming back to our topic Malware.

Kernel Mode Malware

When a malware affects the Kernel Program of an application, the communication between the rings are hampered.

In this way, even if the file you want to open is okay, the kernel application doesn’t allow it to open.

When the kernel program is affected, all the files of that application becomes inaccessible and unreadable.

User Mode Malware

Alternatively, when a Malware affects the user level of application, the communication is broken only for that infected file.

This way other files can be used as thay are not infected.

For a Hackers, reaching the Kernel part of an application is harder and more lethal one to.

3. Categories of Malware : –

Let’s do it.

There are various categories of Malware according to their behaviour and appearance to the victim.

A Malware can be identified as : –

We already have a post on Virus and on others are coming soon.

With the advent of technologies, many new categories of Malware have been created.

Adware, Spyware, Bloatware and many others have come up. We will learn about all of them but in our other blogs. Be sure to check em out.

And that’s it. That’s the end of this chapter, if you have any doubts and questions, feel free to CONTACT us

Thank you for reading.


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