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How to “Be” in 2021.

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”

– Buddha

It’s the time of the year to make resolutions, some people stick to it, and some slip on it.

It’s a new year again which means it’s time to make resolutions and set your goal and dreams; our vision and dreams mean everything so it’s important that we don’t daydream in la-la land but clear our vision, create the strategy and work on it one step at a time.

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Flipping wooden cubes for new year change 2020 to 2021. New year change and starting concept.

To be the best you have to work the hardest, over and over again, sounds simple isn’t it? but how many of us doing it?

You know the answer yourself, we create a daily routine and we fail to stay consistent even for a week, we create our plan and strategy but most of the time we fail to walk the distance and sometimes the result is not what we imagined.

But the misery is not even moving your bottom from the couch and thinking change will somehow happen.

So, what’s the problem? why we tend to not do it at the first place?

simple answer is, it hurts;

  • To work on your body, it hurts.
  • To work on your mind, it hurts.
  • To transform yourself, it hurts.

And that’s why most people tend to stop and the beginning.

One thing we fail to do is…..

We fail to just continue what we decided to do. If we are being truthful to ourselves, we fail or find ourselves miserable because in the first place we didn’t finish the task at hand.

Note: if the beginning is screwed, then it’s time to double your effort (based on the strategy).

April 2021

We all know how time slips by without knowing during this lockdown. It’s a new year, have we improved ourselves in this time, when we had actual quality time and no excuses to improve our lives besides earning money?

You know the answer.

What do we need to do?

Know what you need to do in life, select based on what’s necessary right now and now what you fancy, it’s a practical way to do things in today’s world.

Now you know what to do, you need to know how to start, continue, and end, for that you need a well-defined plan. Plan according to your need and for yourself, your life comes first, then social media (I mean ppl boast and expose their life in every way possible in social media so…)

You can go for tools such as SWOT Analysis, Time Management Matrix,

Or you can simply write it, in a white paper according to your requirements. (nothing fancy, it needs to be practical and you can look and find what’s next for you).

I will not talk about the next step, you need to be consistent or be gone. It’s as simple as that (not so while doing it.)

and that’s it, nothing fancy, everything practical. whenever in confusion, I look at the situation as a sports player, that first we need to understand the rules to follow and then master our skill to perform at the best level.

What is “Best” for You?

Now, we are in a place where very few individuals, are performing, usually, they are the conductors of decisions in their and others’ life.

example :

You have purchased a guitar (you know why you did), You took your lessons, know how to play with strings, been practicing a few hours a day. Now according to your vision (what way and how you want to play your instrument), we choose either to ramp up our duration of playing or we need to find a way to maximize at the same durations that we made accustomed to.

Look at the sentence above, that’s the way to improve and be successful in life that I know of.

I have observed that in those two steps of either investing more time or figure out a strategy to utilize the committed effort to be more productive, that’s where most people struggle, we either find an excuse to not do it in the first place or we think we know better and surf in our self-boasting boat until it becomes a TITANIC.

Note: only you can figure out your life, we can’t and should not do it for you.

“Best” has its levels

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

– Confucius.

Let’s take a restaurant as an example. 80% of restaurants close in the first year (various reasons for it), one main thing is the quality of food, if food is delicious, then you will never lack customers.

If our skills and talents and relevant to the times and situations that we live in, only that it can be utilized and everyone can reap benefits (you included).

Here’s where the saying seems true that, “choices have consequences”, so choose carefully.

Have you observed this:

Once you are performing (finally you are…), that your level best performance sometimes is not enough, someone or something else is doing their best and are better performers.

That’s where most athletes or individuals in responsible positions perform and find their true potential.

But the world potential means, limitless, it means we can improve constantly until of course physics allow us to.

That’s where very few people reach, it’s not about athletes or superstars doing it, it’s about an accountant who is at his damn best performance peek, it’s about everyone at their work.

Remember that only a few people give a rat ass about performing at their best (because it hurts, as we have learned here.)

When a restaurant is performing at its best, there is a whole new strategy and approach to further improve itself, where most people don’t even reach.

Now your best has levels to it, it can improve. Now you found out that climbing the mountain is not the finish line, you have to climb down and then find new mountains to climb (that’s our nature), we tend to neutralize ourselves, we tend to limit ourselves because it hurts.

You have to decide then, you want the hurt or the comfort, again remember that “choices have consequences”.


  • We need a good plan.
  • It hurts.
  • There are levels to being “best”

Thank you for reading this, happy new year 2021 to everyone.

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