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How to Study Effectively |10 Tools for Success

We are sharing with you the methods and tools for How to study Effectively. This will be once in a lifetime Blogpost, So you know what you need to do. Let’s Start……………

Inspired by Intellect. [24th April | 1111 words.]

Alright so observe this, you as a individual; how do you thrive succeed in life?

Well let me reveal the simplicity of this..

Competence. Yeah that’s right.

Being competent, increasing your ability to learn to communicate and adapt to the current environments is what makes anyone a joyful and successful human of the times.

So the beginning part of all of this is Learning. Learning, enquiring makes us competent to perform actions with much more fluidity and lower the amount of friction in day to day transactions in day to day human life in every aspects.

It all comes down to this, how much are you conscious of your mind and body.

Here we are giving you the tools and methods of how to plan and increase your effectiveness in every action you want to perform.

So let us begin……….😀

1. Organize Yourself

[Write it down]

How do you do it? – Simple you just need to write it down, your actions that you will perform and your intetions behind the action, and your end of project scenario, writing down a To-Do List (A word which you heard millios of time but it really works, if your sincere. ) should be the first thing you should do at the start of your day.

2. Attention – Retention

Just like a Sniper. 👁👁

Have you ever noticed that when you sit down to study it seems like the whole world is trying to distract you suddenly. Well that’s not the case really it is that our attention retaining capabilities has weakened because of technology slowoly we are becoming lazy and want everything on automation. Automation is good but you becoming lazy because of it is not. So how do I increase my attention capability?

The wall clock in your homes, in this case are useful.

For 2 minutes focus on a task, whether to sit down and study or perform any action or just stare at the wall for two minutes.

Most of us for even 2 minutes will be distracted. distraction is not an excuse that you give to others, it’s a disability to stay focused. So you just stay focused on a task for 2 minutes, observe at that time how your mind and body behaves, then slowly increases the time from 2 to 4 minutes the next time and observe.

Just do this from 4 to 6 to 10 to 15 to 20 to 30, and suddenly you’ll observe that your attention – retention capabilities have enhanced tremendously.

Take control of your faculties and enhace them otherwise you won’t be able to succeed.

Success doesn’t happen accidentally, you have to be prepared for it.

Sandeep Sarkar

3. Distraction – Distortion

Meet Billy ^^ , PS – Don’t be like him.

Yes the damn planet is spinning, yes the vehicles are noisy, yes the movie in my mind is fanciful (प्लास्टिक सर्जरी का नाम सुना है? 😂😂😂 if you get it then comment me the movie name).

But all this has no effect on you if what you are doing is something which really means a world to you.

If you don’t even love the action that you are performing, how will you be successful in life? If it doesn’t mean a damn thing to you, how can you concentrate on it?

Simple isn’t it? But sometimes we have to do things which are not of our liking, in those situations only a stable and flexible mind can still perform and produce.

I will not give you any tool here, you have the tools you just have to read the user’s manual.

4. Game Plan

Now we are being serious right?

You need to decide the path that you will follow, the things that you want to achieve, and then create a game plan of how. Here use this tool

  • What ? –
  • Why ? –
  • When ? –
  • Who ? –
  • How ? –

First decide what you want to do in life, then think why you want to do this, then when you want to start or end, then who can support you and then create a plan step by step of how to do it.

Believe me almost nothing will happen according to your plan (talkingaboutexpectations) you will never satisfy your expectations, just plan how can you be better than yesterday and what steps you will take tomorrow. And that’s it.

Connect your To-Do List with you Gameplan.

Time management is the most important aspect here. we are preparing a blog on time Management so be aware of our upcoming posts.

5. Prioritizes (What to do what not to do)

Do what’s important, first.

We know you are sensible, and sensible people always prioritizes. Do what is most important right now.

Write your priorities, using this matrix.

This matrix will help you use this and write down your priorities.

Connection the dots. Here…

(Gameplan + To-Do List + D’ Matrix)

6. Pre – Emptive

Considering the situation in world, this pic seems appropriate to post here.

It means being ready for the coming situations, well that doesn’t indicate bad things only will happen. Anything can come in your life, so you need to make yourself a flexible personality to be responsive and not reactive.

Just like the situations right now in the world, pre emptive measures means you will survive to live life.

That’s how we should be at every moment of our lives. Being prepared and pre emptive.

7. Simplify the tasks

Your Camp Leader has given you the task to maintain the luggages of your fellow campers throughout the camping.

How do you do it?

  • Counts how many ppl have luggages
  • Label the luggage
  • Organize all the luggage together
  • Enjoy your camping

You see any task, situation, problems that you face, simplify it, break it down and make bullet points, and you will have a much clear understanding of the situation.

8. Consistent – Champion

Isn’t it?

Be consistent. That’s it……..

9. Change the plan not the Course

Nothing much to elaborate here.

10. It’s not about you.

Just realise this that in this vast cosmos, how insignificant we are, creation is not human centric. When you realize this your actions will no longer hold you down, you will excel in life.

That’s it that’s what we have to offer to you we hope that you will utilize this methods and tools and be more effective in your life.

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Sorry, forgot this is not YouTube, damn habits.

Thank you for reading.


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