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“Life is a living flute, yoga is the art of creating melody and rhythm in it”.

– Amit Ray

The sound which touches our heart, which melts our emotions, tears of joy and experience of exuberance can be enchanted within us.

Real connection of maestro with their flute can be experienced by listeners, and that’s the beauty of flute.

In india, Krishna himself played the tune of nature from this instrument. A simple stick like looking instrument has the power to mesmerize us.

The Indian Classical Music is more than an art to entertain, it has the power to transform ourselves.

Indian Bamboo Flute
Indian Bamboo Flute.

Indian civilization has evolved throughout the years with certain involvement in aesthetics aspects of life. For us music, singing, dancing and other creative fields are not just a source of income and popularity.

This Country’s ethos is that every thing we do in our life, every activity and experience can be a source to transform ourselves. In this regard music and classical instruments are a method not only for entertainment but for transformation.

How can we transform our lives?

See, every human being that has transended the limitations set by us, we call them super humans, like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mohammad Ali; they were the best because in their play field nobody was as involved 100% as they were. So in this regard music or any activity can be a path of transformation, only requirement is absolute involvement.

And one point I want to mention here is that, mental alertness is not involvement. It’s something more than that, but we will talk about that somewhere else.

The reverberations of flute is intoxicating for the listener, The listener is dissolved between the sound and the existence. In my experience it happens within me.

Listen to this Beautiful Video of Ustad Zakir Hussein and Rakesh Chaurasiya playing Tabla and Flute in combination.

Thank you for reading this.

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