Introduction to Hacking | Chapter – 1

Welcome once again, So we have started a course name Hacking Course | 2020, where we have introduced the course and it’s content so make sure to check the post to understand where we are going with this course.

So without any further ado let’s start.

Ch – 1 Introduction to Hacking

Well before you start hacking, first you need to understand what this term hacking actually means and who is a hacker really, so let’s first answer these questions to get clarity.

Q. What is Hacking?

Ans – Hacking is an attempt to exploit the weakness of a system or a private network to extract data as an unauthorized approach. There is a motivation behind this exploitation, which distinguish Hackers intro different categories.

White Hat Hackers | Black Hat Hackers and also Grey Hat Hackers, we will learn all about it but first get the broader pictures of what is hacking.

A computer hacker is a skilled expert who uses his technical knowledge to gain access by finding loopholes in a system.

You can relate to this in this way. It is like a war game where the concept of Attacking/Defending is applicable. One company tries to Attack by finding loopholes in the defense system of the enemy and the other prepares to defend itself from such attacks by continously upgrading their defenses structure.

And that’s the general idea if hacking is which I just summed up there.😀

Data and information

Which might be stored here.

A collection of data which means information is what we are after. To exploit this we are using our technical skills.

In order to hack any system we need to understand stand what data are we after.

Data could be anything like a number “156” or a text “APPLE”. Well without knowing the context of the data hacking doesn’t make sense.

For example – number “156” could mean a computer password or a Wifi password and Text “APPLE” coul5have some context as well.

PS – We need more information guys ^^

Getting hold of random files is of no importance unless we know if it contains Confidential information or not.

That’s why Ethical Hacking is a billion dollar Enterprise. To protect the system from unauthorized approach.

Let’s Summarize……………

Hackings is all about extracting information.

Hackers are usually portrayed as evil to society by media. It is because hackers try to gain illegitimate access to information.

Hackers try to find out the security loopholes that the create might have misplaced or hackers find a new approach to data extraction.

Imagine bringing down a website by continously logging in and out front it. Which is not what it was made for.

Hackers find such loopholes and use their technical capabilities to extract information.

And that’s it, seems like we seamlessly navigated through this chapter, if still you have any questions or doubts about this chapter pleases feel fantabulous, marvelous, exuberant, enigmatic or meh to CONTACT us we will love to hear from you.

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