Irfan Khan Sir – The life we all will miss now.

Life is the most phenomenal thing that happened to us. Because we are alive, we perceive the world and act on it. As human we have the capability of being conscious of the activities that we do, same as other creatures we too eat, sleep, reproduce and die one day, but what makes us human being is that we have the ability to do all those acts consciously.

We can spread lasting images and can inspire the generation by our actions and immensity of being.

On International Dance day the actor was dissolved in the dance of universe.

Irfan Khan, an actor who is famous around the world for his pure acting ability and his memorable performances has passed away today 29th April, 2020 on International Dance Day. Life and death is a certain dance of the nature, life and death is not two different things but one coin with different sides, today Irfan Sir has reached the other end of the coin.

A man who was suffering but was surviving, a man who constantly dedicated his life to his family and to his life which was acting, has a place in the hearts of millions of people whom he has impacted by his movies and inspired by his down to earth personality. When a man of that integrity and intensity passes at the early age of 54, something hits inside you, we realise that we are a limited time and energy in this life and what you do is remembered by the generations to come.

Once you stop worrying that “what about me” and start thinking and acting for the betterment of others then you are at your peak as a human being.

Irfan Khan sir represented that quality and that’s why his loss hurts us so much. But learn from him that dedication, intensity and rooted in his culture is what makes a human being more than just a creature in this world. That was his nature. That was his life.

You will be remembered and will inspire many that live and yet to come.

Thank you


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