The Complete Ethical Hacking Course|2020

Ethical Hacking Course
It a long way to become like her. ^^

“The Complete Ethical Hacking Course | 2020, is optimized for beginners to start their journey in ethical hacking, make your mind absolutely light, and let’s light up your brain with new information.”

So, you want to learn hacking? Well, in india every household has a son who is hacker among his friends. Hacking is not about showing off but it’s about finding loopholes in system and the ability to extract data from it.

Who is a Hacker?

A computer hacker is an expert who overcomes a problem using their technical knowledge.

In todays today’s world ethical hacking is a term mostly use with computer security issues.

Hackings is using the learnt technical knowledge to exploit the weakness of a system.

About Our Course : –

Our course is going to be unique, just by blog posts this course will be uploaded for you, also soon we will launch our Hacking Course in YouTube.

This course will not gonna make you a complete hacker, rather it will be starting point. To help you start in the journey to become a Ethical Hacker or a job in Cyber Security.. First let’s understand our framework and method.


What will you Learn ?

  • Basic concept of hacking upto intermediate level
  • What is Ethical Hacking and Type of Hackers
  • How to find vulnerability in a system and to exploit them to hack servers
  • Several hacking tools
  • Types of hacking technologies
  • Case studies
  • Project Work

Requirement : –

Just a strong sense of learning and basic programming knowledge is a plus point.

Syllabus : –

  1. Introduction to Hacking
  2. Introduction to Security
  3. Hacker’s Intent
  4. Types of Hackers
  5. Viruses
  6. Malware
  7. Worms & Trojan
  8. IP gathering
  9. Web Hacking
  10. System Hacking

Using these headings we will introduce the course of Hacking to you.

You have to create a checklist of the syllabus and tick out everytime you learn from our blogs, so you can check your progress of the course.

So let’s start our journey together……

Check out our blog page, where all the knowledge is aggreaged for you.

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