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Don’t get fooled by the term time management, there is no such thing as time management because time is always ticking for everyone at same pace and we can only manage our actions and energy and be more competenet but time will run at same pace for all of us.

well you can use certain matrix, methods and tools to manage your actions which the world has termed as time management tools, so we will also share the tools with you, how to use this will depend on you.

are we clear?

okay then let’s understand.

clock, alarm clock, watch
tick tock, what is ticking is not time but life.

in every post and search engine results, you can find about time management, but the thing is everywhere it’s about using time to manage activities so you can try to do more activities and be “More Productive” isn’t that what everyone is searching for?

so you want the same thing from us?

it’s your choice really, we will share you the tools that everyone almost knows and is everywhere available but we want you to change your intention of using this tools.

if i give you a screwdriver and tell you to cut a cake; wrong usage of tool isn’t it?

that’s what we ment when we are talking about time management methods.

Now let’s begin.

1. Your Intention


So you want to become a millionaire, just like everyone.

But why??

To show off ?

To fulfill your dream?

Travel the world?

Your intention behind every action has to be 100% clear to whom??, To you.

Whatever the hell you want to do, first be clear, why you want to do it.

Well don’t think what the heck all this about? Why all this fuss, let me enjoy my life, my freedom.

Well let me tell you something millennial, Freedom is not a fancy idea, freedom is the consequence of responsibility.

Before you go about freeing yourself, what are your responsibilities?

Know about them, then how to take action upon them, then how to do it, where can I impove, then comes execution.

This steps will happen synchronizingly once your balanced within yourself.

Method : –

Write 3 things that means everything to you, something that you can put your life into it.

3 things which according to you makes a human being excel in life.

That’s it!

Just do it.

2. Your Action

What are you doing.

When your Intention is clear, if it is required than we act on it.

Please understand this, suppose you are a carpenter and your task is to nail pins to create a bench.

You know the construction technique, how and where to nail, but unless you have a thousand times nailing pin experience you won’t be able to complete the task effortlessly and at time.

What I want to say is that by reading a book, “Learn to swim in 30 days” you won’t be able to swim, for that you need experience and practice at the pool side.

It applies to any task you want to perform

Ex : – Want to play guitar?

Create a website

Surf the tides

Create a business

Earn money.

Simply put (Knowledge + Experience) = Skill.

You need to develop and fine tune your skills, rest will take care of itself.

Method: –

Know how to perform about the action and task that you are doing and practice.

The 3 things that you’ve written, now write down the steps and methods of how to do it and the tools required for it.

3. Your Competence

How well you do it

You decide once what you want to do but wether you will he successful or not depends upon how competent you are to be able to perform at your best.

When we are at our best?

It is obviously when we are joyful within ourself.

Ok so how to be joyful is the question?

Not really, to be joyful is your business you should be able to handle this aspect of life gracefully, it is here that people struggle.

Physically, Mentally and energy wise when you are at your best, you run without friction, a machine which has minimal friction is considered to be well designed.

Design your life the way you want but remember what ever the hell you want to do just do it well.

For more information – you know internet?

Thank you for reading this post


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