What is Your Situation Right Now?

“Being human means you have the ability to change the situations in your life, not ruled by them

– Sandeep Sarkar

See, we all are in some kind of situation in life, feeling well or stuck is not a matter of concern in this blog, what I want you to observe is the situations that are coming and going in your life.

Have you noticed any cyclical pattern?, any similar reaction coming from you time to time?

But why do I concern myself with this question? You may ask?

Let us see to that question.

Situations in your life

We want many things but everyone of those things have one thing similar that is we want to be successful in doing and in achieving while performing action to fullfil our interests or sometimes to do service to others.

You can only truly be free if the situations that you are in doesn’t strangle you.

You feeling stuck, miserable, sad is your incompetence to handle the situation in front of you. That’s right?

That’s the truth.

So how well you do in a given situation depends upon your knowledge, experience and expression.

My point is most of us these days are complaining, pointing fingers.

Something good happens, obviously we did it but something something goes wrong, it’s this person, that person or even the holy person up there.

Where are we?, only when money, success, fame comes, we say it’s our hard work but when we are not what we thought of we point fingers, are we not responsible for our situation at that time?

That’s the point.

The very moment we take full responsibility of ourselves (you might think we all humans are already are and my observation is too obviousand boring. ) think again?

Pointing fingers, having a fixed set of beliefs and Faith’s.

The point is not whether they are good or bad the point is that whatever we think, do, feel is limited in compare to the existence.

But we are living life as we are the central of universe, and everyone is here to serve us.

The moment you take responsibility, you become free.

Freedom is not an fanciful talk that most people talk about these days, that they want freedom from this and that, those are the ones doing wacky stuffs in the name of freedom.

Freedom is a consequence of responsibility.

Responsibility = Response + Ability.

Your ability to response makes you free from the situations you’re in and then can we truly solve it or come out of it without any stress upon us.

That’s when human being flourish truly.

That’s when you become responsive rather than reacting from your instinct, and that what separates us from animans.

That’s why we are called Human Beings.

Thank you for reading.

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